How can i Get Rid of Avast Secure Web browser?

To get rid of Avast Secure Browser, follow these simple guidance. First, open up the Control Panel and look for courses named Avast Secure Web browser. Then, right-click the Start option and select Apps and Features. Select the Avast Protect Internet Explorer access. In the list, click the Uninstall option. Afterward, simply click Yes to confirm the getting rid of them process. You’re going to be prompted to reboot the PC.

After you could have selected the Avast Protect Browser method, open the Windows Start off menu and choose Applications and Features. In the Applications & Features window, choose Avast Protect Browser and click the “Uninstall” option. A successful getting rid of them will delete your surfing data and information, which include bookmarks and history. To be able to reinstall Avast Secure Web Browser, you can do it again the above procedure for get rid of Avast Secure.

Following, open the Control Panel and click on Apps & Features. In the Programs & Features, choose Avast Secure Browser. Help to make you need to tick the that reads “Delete surfing data” once uninstalling this software. This will delete all the data it placed on your PC, which include history and book marks. Once you’ve lost the Avast Secure Internet browser files, you will need to reboot your PC.